Five Reasons LED Lights Make Vacuuming Easier and More Efficient

One thing that you may not have ever considered but you really can’t live without once you’ve used it is an LED light for your vacuum cleaner. While many older vacuums used to come with lights attached to the front of them, they are not nearly as advanced or as capable as those on the market today.

Hoover’s ONEPWR LED Task Light, part of the company’s ONEPWR cordless technology cleaning system, is 130+ lumens of lighting power that lasts for 16 or more hours and is sure to make vacuuming much easier and more efficient than ever before.

Featuring an adjustable rotating head that helps direct light in any direction the user desires, it also has an integrated hanging hook for storage and a comfort-grip handle.

But, just in case you’re not convinced yet, here are five reasons why LED lights like the ONEPWR LED Task Light from Hoover make vacuuming easier and more efficient:

Shows Where You’ve Vacuumed

One thing about dust on floors: It’s great at staying hidden. With the ONEPWR LED Task Light from Hoover, that is no longer the case. The LED light not only shows you where you’ve vacuumed but also your path through the dust.

Helps Find Every Last Bit of Dirt

LED lights on vacuums help you see every last bit of dust on the floor and even on surrounding objects. If you want a thorough cleaning, then you can’t forego this advantage of an LED task light. One interesting test is to turn off the ambient lighting then use the LED light to see how well you have cleaned an area. Trust us when we say this: It won’t leave anything in the shadows and you’ll see whether you’ve done a good job vacuuming and tidying up or not very quickly. 

Lets You Know When It’s Time to Vacuum

Wondering if it is time to vacuum yet? Simply turn on your LED task light and see what the floor looks like. If you notice it is coated with a film of dust that is basically invisible to the naked eye, then you know it is time to break out the vacuum and start cleaning up.

Excellent for Low-Light Situations

Sometimes you don’t have the best ambient lighting when you’re vacuuming. LED task lights can help out in this situation and also make sure you don’t accidentally damage a piece of furniture or something else. They also help when you are cleaning very dark-colored surfaces such as deep red wood like mahogany or earthy brown and black colors.

Great at Spotting Dirt Underneath Furniture

It’s hard to see underneath furniture. It’s even trickier to spot where you have cleaned and where you might need to go over the spot a few more times. The LED task light from Hoover helps you see under things in greater detail so that you don’t leave any dust behind. This is especially useful in situations where there is a lot of furniture to work around. 

Christopher Campisi