What to Look while Buying a Gaming Mobile Phone? Guide and Suggestions

Gaming has become the addiction of our youth and it is also a great source of earning too for some. No matter what is your age or if you are newbie or a pro in your favorite game, if you need a gaming phone we will be guiding you. A good gaming phone consist of fast processor, enough RAM, high storage, high resolution, FPS rate, battery, weight and dimensions to name a few things but the list can’t be limited to these only. If you use phone camera for live streaming, then that is also included. First of all, you need to know which game is your priority and then find a phone that will not lag during that game. If you are a player of many games, then we have made a list for you in which we have included 5 mobile picks which will not disappoint you. Gaming mobiles are expensive so Saudi users should not forget to use Amazon promo code given at couponksa.com for the purchase. Keep reading to find the list.

Rog ASUS Phone Five R5:

This is a gaming phone that will equally attract all the non-gamers too. This phone was launched recently and weighs only 238 g. its dimensions are 172.8 x 77.3 x 10.3 mm and its screen size is 6.78 inches. It has snapdragon processor and 600 mAh battery. It has remarkable display, speakers and the performance.

Legion Lenovo Duel Phone:

This cellphone was launched in 2020 and has the dimensions of 169.2 x 78.6 x 9.9 mm. Its screen size is 6.65 inches and it has snapdragon 865 plus processor. It comes in 256 and 512 GB storage while its weight is 239 grams. Its charging speed is really high and you will not have to keep the charger plugged in during long matches.

Red Magic OS 10 Nubia 5 G:

This 218 gram weighing mobile phone is launched in 2020 and since then it is favorite of gamers. It offers snapdragon 865 processor and a 1080 x 2340 resolution. Its 6.65-inch screen and 168 x 78 x 9.8 mm dimensions are worth making a purchase but don’t forget to save money by using Amazon promo code of couponksa.com.

Shark Black 3 Snapdragon Phone:

Launched in 2020 March and having almost same qualities like other mobiles in the list, but this has an advantage of best specs along with a surprisingly capable camera which is not so common feature in gaming mobiles. Its design is really attractive, bold and the LED light is top quality especially for night or low light situation.

The Razer Phone Compact Two:

This phone weighs 205 gram and has top specs with high refresh rate of 120 Hz. It has a beautiful logo on the back which will be glowing in RGB millions hues. This device is a wise choice for any Saudi gamer looking for lightweight mobile and if they are on budget, then use Amazon promo code sourced by couponksa.com.

Christopher Campisi