Let’s take a look at the 4 trending Amazon Strategies in 2021

In today’s world, Amazon has successfully managed to put a brand name for itself as one of the most elite and supreme online marketplaces available globally. According to statistics, in the US alone, the highest revenue generated by Amazon is approximately $95 billion for just one quarter of 2020.

Amazon is not only a comfortable platform for buyers to witness efficient product purchase options but it is also an emerging seller platform with concentrated tactics and features to encourage maximum seller integration in the entire process. To understand this better, let us discuss each successful Amazon strategy that is trending in 2021 in detail below.

#1 SEO

Out of all the current trending amazon strategies, the most effective one for marketing is Amazon SEO. The main advantage of this amazon strategy is that it increases the customer reach and interactions by a large margin, all with the help of focussed attention to aspects like keywords, product image, titles and product descriptions. All you need to do as a seller is to put yourself in the shoes of the customers to decide on the specific keywords that relate the best to your product, along with using effective titles as well as product description to clarify any question related to the product in the first glance itself.

#2 Amazon Advertisements

As soon as Amazon stepped into the shoes of the sellers, it customised different strategies to help the sellers to improve their overall brand and product visibility amongst the potential buyers by a great percent. The Amazon strategy that is most popular for advertising is using Amazon pay per click ads to promote the products, which guarantees an increased conversion rate of approximately 10-12%. Additionally, this strategy can further be supported with sponsored ads and display ads wherein, in order to drive or increase brand awareness, the customers are shown the top features as well as product image/product page onto a third-party website.

#3 Affiliate Marketing

Even though there are multiple different Amazon strategies that target different pain points, yet most of them are designed to support and improve the marketing tactics and campaigns for the sellers. This is why, another trending Amazon strategy of 2021 is using affiliate marketing to collaborate with other website owners to promote seller products that are on Amazon on other websites. This Amazon strategy is known to be very efficient in driving a whole new lot of target audience or target traffic onto the Amazon product page of the seller.

#4 Amazon Demand-side Platform (DSP)

As Amazon is the market leader in the e-commerce sector globally, the competition on this platform increases at the speed of light as more and more sellers and advertisers want to collaborate or join Amazon to sell their brand/products. Now, one recent Amazon strategy that has been added to the trending Amazon strategy 2021 is using Amazon DSP to drive increased value and return on investment for all advertisers and sellers on Amazon. The function of Amazon DSP is to repeat similar or same product advertisements on all different devices for the same consumers to trick them into clicking on the landing page of the product and completing the purchase. Some examples where ads appear under Amazon DSP include mobile advertisements, image and text advertisements, 5-second intro video advertisements before actual video, desktop advertisements, etc.

To conclude, there is no doubt that without effective marketing in place, a brand or product cannot successfully target the right audience and increase their conversion rates. However, by using even one Amazon strategy to begin with, you as a seller, can see the evident difference in your product performance and revenue. The Amazon strategies are designed to encourage healthy competition on the Amazon platform between the sellers, while offering the best products to the consumers. Click here to see the step-by-step guide of using Amazon strategies for your business.