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How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Course to Find a Job  

With the advent of the pandemic, Digital Marketing has proved to be one of the sectors that have resisted the most without experiencing a crisis. Indeed, the need to remain present in the minds of their customers even during periods of forced closure has prompted companies to hire more collaborators, open e-commerce, write on blogs and invest in improving their social media strategy.

For those in a position to choose their career path and those who would like to change their course by pursuing a completely different profession, this is the right time to start working in Digital Marketing and choose the best digital marketing course.

How to Choose the Right Training Course in Marketing?

In the past, changing professions meant spending years on university benches or waiting months for face-to-face courses. Fortunately, Digital also means many on-demand online courses available 24 hours a day that can be followed from home comfort.

  • What do you like to do?

First of all, find the area that interests you the most. Since this is something you will be doing for hours, it better be passionate about! Keep an open mind for other areas as well: you may find that you don’t like Social Media as you thought, but that you feel comfortable working in E-Mail Marketing.

If you like to write, Persuasive Copywriting could be for you; if you don’t imagine your life without news and want to influence others, you could try a career as a Social Media Manager or take a Content Marketing course.

If you have a more technical approach, you may like the data analysis for the Digital or the Ads side – where you help companies to gain visibility and leads through paid traffic on search engines or social media.

  • How professional are the teachers?

It is not difficult to look professional online. People who have achieved nothing professionally can make you spend hundreds of dollars on their courses with misleading advertising and the semblance of a career. This type of online course will never bring you any results.

How to check the professionalism of an online teacher? Check out his Linkedin profile. If he has a company, look at the turnover. See some videos of this person on Youtube. If he only talks about mindset and flaunts a luxurious lifestyle, but you never see him using real case studies or mentioning numbers, that’s probably not the case.

True professionals have come to work for major companies from scratch or have developed their successful businesses and teach in the online digital marketing courses. A well-done landing page and lots of followers on social media are not a guarantee of professionalism.

  • How in tune are you with the teachers?

It could also happen that despite the professionalism, the teacher is not for you. If available, always download some test videos or search online to see if you like listening to this person.

For courses that last more than a few hours, it could make a difference. If you don’t like the teacher’s too emphatic or phlegmatic style, there is a risk of abandoning the course halfway.

  • What tools will you learn to use?

If you’re starting from scratch, you probably don’t know what tools you need to do the job. However, like other areas, even Digital Marketing has many tools that make life easier for professionals.

Those who work with Social Media use tools to schedule posts such as Hootsuite or Facebook Business Suite. You may need to create infographics or graphics with Canva or Crello.

The Copywriter may need to write tools like Ink, HemingwayApp to improve their texts, SEO WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, tools to check the originality of the texts as Copyscape or Mail Marketing Automation tools like Mailchimp or Active Campaigns.

Those who work with Ads must know how to use Google Search Console and Google Analytics to understand what works and what needs to be improved in their work.

A great tool to do this is to search job postings for the position you’re interested in, see which tools are most in-demand, and choose courses accordingly.

Choosing the best digital marketing course that help you broaden your portfolio enables you to reach your career goals faster. In Digital, unlike many traditional jobs, your skills count, so being able to show personal projects – such as a blog or a well-managed social page – can make a real difference and put you in relief compared to other Junior candidates.

Christopher Campisi