Privacy focused text messages – How privnote can help you?

Digital technology has made privacy more important than ever before. The information in our text messages is sensitive, and we may not want others to have access to it. Users of Privnote can send private messages that self-destruct after they have been read.

  • Encryption – Messages use SSL/TLS encryption during transmission. Privnote cannot access or decrypt your messages.
  • Self-destructing – Notes automatically delete from Privnote’s servers after being read once, helping keep your messages private.
  • No accounts required – Anyone uses Privnote, no signup or login is needed.
  • Customizable link expiration – You set notes to expire after a specified time, in case the recipient doesn’t open them immediately.
  • Password protect notes – Optionally set a password the recipient must enter before viewing your note.
  • Plain text or rich text – Supports plain text, rich text, images, files, and links.
  • Mobile friendly – Privnote works on all devices and screen sizes.
  • No local storage – Messages are not stored locally on the recipient’s device after reading.
  • Free to use – Privnote is free and funded by donations. There are no ads or fees.

How privnote improves privacy?

Privnote aims to make sensitive communication more private to give users peace of mind.

  • Messages aren’t stored permanently and vanish after reading, reducing digital footprints.
  • URLs can’t be traced or linked back to your identity.
  • Encryption protects messages in transit end-to-end.
  • No accounts means no personal data collected or retained.
  • Security is enhanced with password protection.
  • Expiring links minimize the risk of messages reaching someone else later on.
  • No metadata or IP addresses are stored by Private.
  • Phishing and hacking threats can be prevented.
  • Complies with data protection regulations like GDPR by minimizing data collection.

Using Privnote gives you more control over how long your private message exists versus traditional messaging apps. It reduces privacy risks and prevents unintended access.

Common uses

  • Sharing passwords or sensitive info – Privnote is useful for one-time password sharing or conveying confidential information like API keys that shouldn’t be saved.
  • Personal correspondence – You share private thoughts, messages, and images with trusted recipients without keeping permanent records.
  • Sensitive business communication – Lawyers, executives, HR professionals, etc. use Privnote for sensitive internal communications.
  • Anonymous tips or leaks – Sources anonymously send information to journalists and whistleblowers without being identified.
  • Tech support – IT professionals use Privnote to share error logs, screenshots, or system info with minimal privacy risks.
  • Private social media – Share ephemeral thoughts, photos, or messages on social media through expiring Privnote links.
  • Online dating – Privnote helps protect privacy when getting to know new contacts online.
  • Distance learning – Teachers and students quietly send answers, feedback, and remarks privately.
  • Personal reminders – Create expiring notes with reminders, ideas, or to-do lists just for yourself.

Privnote is versatile for any quick, private conversations where permanent records aren’t necessary. The expiring, self-destructing nature makes it great for sensitive communications.