Verifying an Email Address

Email verification is an essential part of efficient email advertising. It is the procedure of determining whether a contact’s email address is valid and delivered. An email database is worthless if it contains invalid, fraudulent, inactive, or other lost email addresses. In this article, we’ll discuss email verification, explain why it’s necessary, and look at different email verification options. Also see: best way to verify emails online

Why should Email Addresses be verified?

If you have a list of subscribers or utilize email campaigns to market your goods or services, you must confirm every email address that enters your database. Incorrect email addresses are the most common cause of increased bounce prices, harming sender credibility and increasing the likelihood of your emails landing in a junk folder. You should check email addresses in actual time when people attempt to join up via a web-based application or a link.

Ways to verify an Email Address

  1. Syntax Check: The initial phase in verifying an email address is to look at the email address directly. Users commonly make mistakes while typing words. While mistakes in an email address’s username cannot be caught, syntax issues in the domain’s address can.
  1. Role-Based Email Detection: Role-based email addresses connect to a corporate domain but are not associated with a single employee. Examples include ‘help’, ‘info’, ‘support’, and others. These addresses are hazardous to have on your mailing list since they commonly route to computer programs that will not respond and might even bounce your message back.
  1. SMTP Verify: SMTP is the acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which regulates how email is sent and received across the internet, much like HTTP controls how webpages are requested and given to the public. To be delivered, an email must go through SMTP servers. SMTP verification ensures that the specified email address exists on the mail infrastructure to which it is currently being sent.
  1. Detection of Unknown Email Addresses: People commonly utilize disposable email accounts to join up for lists of emails to receive an exclusive gift without having to share their real email address. The address is typically active for a few hours or minutes, giving the user plenty of time to get the free item sent. There are many disposable email address suppliers out there, and disappointingly, more are getting launched every day, making it harder to spot these emails on an email list.

Why is Email deliverability important?

Sender credibility is particularly impacted by deliverability problems and high bounce rates. In the years to come, this will cause problems since email servers will conclude that the messages you are trying to send are unwanted by users and forward them to spam if your emails are consistently not being delivered because the email addresses on your mailing list are invalid. E-mail addresses that are incorrect or undeliverable should be removed from your list as the simplest approach to increase your bounce rate. Sender credibility will rise as a result of lower bounce rates.