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Top-notch SEO trends all ready to set the bar high in 2021

Whenever you ask anyone about the most important digital marketing aspect, everyone would say Search Engine Optimization. It’s because this technique attracts organic traffic to your website and, in turn, increases your business’s ROI with no hassle. As the year 2020 is slowly coming to an end, the marketers are all gearing up with a brand-new SEO strategy for 2021. They are working on distinct ways to improve SEO for a website.

The time is not so far when you will get introduced to the brand-new SEO trends while you are seeking the best SEO services in Atlanta. If you want to know more about the most significant SEO practices which shall assist you in identifying the SEO trends during 2021, have a look below:

What are the top SEO trends?

  1. Google’s BERT update

The BERT update was introduced by Google in 2019, and with its usage, a good number of websites experienced a negative impact. With the help of this update, Google intends to focus majorly on the content quality, user intent, and keywords.

  1. Diversification of Backlink Portfolio

Are you following each and every tip associated with on-page technical SEO? You wouldn’t still be ensured about the enhancement of your website’s ranking. This is because you need to diversify your notable backlink portfolio. You can get that from two significant sources, i.e., the backlink origination of the site and the backlink type.

  1. Header tags’ usage

Using the header tags to target the Google featured snippets is considered to be one of the solutions in resolving the query about how to improve SEO strategy. While you are developing the content, you should be well aware of your content structure. Your content should be logically organized, and the prioritized information should be mentioned on the top.

  1. Image Optimization

A lot of people overlook image optimization while they are indulged in SEO. But you should note that during the time when you are using it properly, it can help you in driving more traffic. Apart from that, it has various other benefits such as giving the finest context to your website, attracting more users, engaging them, etc.


When you are engaged in seeking help from the Best SEO Services in Atlanta providers, you must ensure that they work in the best manner. The above-mentioned SEO trends are highly in demand; make sure you give them a try!

Christopher Campisi